A Happy Asian Culture

A Happy Asian Culture

We are fond of watching cultural dances and watching feature presentations about different races because most of the time, the beauty we see on TV makes us think, what type of skin care products do they use? But sometimes, it is their way of living or culture that fascinates us more.

Culture is an environment where members share common beliefs, ideologies, tradition, assumptions, rules, regulations, custom, attitudes and even myths. All of these things make a community that through the years has learned to survived and live their day-to-day lives.

As a country located in Asia, Thailand’s culture is one that has flourished into a very rich civilization. Astonishingly, despite its obvious beauty very few people notice it. Maybe the reason for this is that it is not popular to some tourists and the time they spend in this place is just too short that they miss a lot of things about it.

One of the most important things to learn about Thai culture is the practice of happiness. They say laughing is the best medicine. Thai Landers are known to be a bunch of happy people who greet visitors with a smile and commendable hospitality. One can no longer be happy If he is dead so might as well enjoy every minute of his life. In times of stress, why not visit Thailand and feel the warmth of the people’s welcome greetings or maybe try to relax with the famous Thai massage with the use of the best coconut oil. 

A lot of Westerners do not understand this kind of attitude because they suspect that Thailanders fake it because they think in realty, nobody can be happy all the time. But, we all know how genuine happiness looks like. We can see through the eyes of people if their smile is really heartfelt or he is just playing nice. One experiment to test it is to look at a mirror and start thinking happy thoughts, is it really impossible to look happy? Also try playing outside with a pet Labrador retriever, how does it feel? Happiness comes from within and if we think about happy positive things, it would naturally show in our faces.

Just imagine growing up in a place where every member of the family smiles brightly. Just imagine a tradition of happiness being carried out for a thousand years. Who would not be happy in Thailand? Maybe this is the reason for the popularization of dental marketing in this country. Of course, the key to a beautiful smile is a complete and clean set of teeth.

Being happy does not mean not having problems. Like most of us, Thai Landers has experienced their own share of hardships, challenges, disappointments, humiliations and hurt but, they just manage to endure all of those without frowning. There are also money problems like paying utility bills on time, sending money to their children for tuition fees or maybe paying the insurance quotes, that irritates most of us but, even these problems do not make Thais sad. Despite all the drama, life for Thais is just simple.

Thailand has a bright future ahead of it. Though a lot of its residents live in slums, in a nipa hut and works as a pressure washing helper just to make a living for the family, one would never fail to notice that there is no kind of hardship in life that could make Thailanders stop from showing off their beautiful smile.

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