Age Difference Between Farang Men and Thai Women

Age Difference Between Farang Men and Thai Women

Two things I notice a lot of talk about is age difference, between Thai women with older Farang men and also what Thai women really want.

So I have a case study that I would like to share with you that may give you some interesting insights.

I have recently been working with a couple that I introduced to each other. He is an Australian man of 58 and she a Thai woman of 38 so a good enough age difference I feel. Their story is interesting because when I originally met the man he had met someone else in Thailand, much younger in fact and was trying to understand where he stood with her. After some consultation and also some conversations with her from myself he finally made the decision that things would not work out between them. This is always a sensitive area for me because often I can see this early on but people need time to come to that realization by themselves so gentle advise and sharing of experiences is required as I never tell people what they should do, just help them.

Secondly he then got involved with another Thai woman who unfortunately turned out to be just playing a game with him, yes in fact it was the classic story of Thai just getting a free ride from Farang when in Thailand and there is much more to this but I wont go into that here right now.

Now I want to let you know this man is a very good man, he is not stupid he is a very sensitive and genuine person and of course like many Farang men he is impressed and maybe even a little overwhelmed by the beauty of Thai women and their serving nature. This is part of our culture remember, we love to serve and we do have a natural willingness to please. I would also like to add that neither of these relationships were intimate in any way, in fact with one he had trouble even being able to hold her hand while out on a date.

After his first encounter with the very younger Thai woman (in her 20s) I had offered to introduce him to a slightly older Thai woman (38) I know but at first he wanted to focus on the second woman he had met, not until these left him a little confused and disappointed did he then ask me about the lovely Thai woman I had in mind who I felt might be a good match for him. However as always I like to be careful and make sure both sides have an understanding, I feel this is what is often missing when Farang and Thai get together.

So now he and her have been talking everyday for weeks now and getting on amazingly well. they will meet later this month and already feel they have found The one. They have both seen pictures of each other, and have even had talks with each others family. Yes I do believe they now need to meet to be certain but I feel they are starting off on the right foot, with the right intention and understanding. The age difference does not seem to be an issue and in fact I believe at 38 and 58 these are good ages to be together because there is a maturity on both sides.

So what does a Thai woman like this really want?

What I can tell you is it is not about money because she has no need for that. It is about security within a relationship. She feels that he has shown her with his behavior to be a caring and loving man (which I know he is) and that is what she longs for. Someone she can rely on and who thinks about her everyday, just the little things, just the simple things. She feels he can fulfill what she lacks of and has not been able to find in her previous relationships. She just wants some honesty, not perfection just honesty and without lies. Someone she can feel good about bringing into her family and who will be a positive in her life. I happen to know that these are also things that he wants too and so they both share the same wants, hopes and dreams which is a great place to start. Now they have an understanding like that they can feel more secure in getting to know each other properly when they meet.

Now maybe you feel I should not share this yet because we dont know how things will turn out for them and yes maybe it will not work out but I still feel it is good to share this with people because it shows a perspective on many issues, age difference, culture difference, online relationships and what a genuine Thai woman really wants as well as what I feel is a good way for a relationship like this to begin, and have the best chance of success.

I hope you found this small overview of a real case study interesting and please feel free to comment with any of your own experiences as this is what helps me understand more to be able to help people.

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