Beach Resorts in Thiland

Beach Resorts in Thiland

Counting several hundred gorgeous tropical islands and some of the finest beaches in the world, Thailand can take great pride in its natural scenery. Millions of visitors choose Thailand as their main location for the summer and most of them come back the following years, thanks to the extraordinary beach resorts they have discovered here. If you are interested to check it out on your own and you are wondering if you should visit that place or not, get advantage by getting the information you need.

First of all, know that Thailand is a country that is hosting many hotels in all price ranges. This means you should be able to come across a decent hotel and not be forced to spend a small fortune on accommodation, but also get to enjoy some luxurious accommodation conditions at a proper price. However, keep in mind that the best time to visit Thailand from a financial standpoint is during the monsoon season, the time of the year considered to be the low season Thailand.

The Bo Phut Resort & Spa is a magnificent Thai beach resort that beautifully combines exotic scenery with a peaceful setting. Locate dup in the north of Koh Samui right in the Gulf of Thailand and counting more than 30 villas and close to 30 deluxe rooms, this modern resort is an excellent place where you could be trying your natural hair products without a care in the world.

Le Méridien Khao Lak Beach has more than ten kilometers of pristine beach and the resort itself counts three swimming pools, along with a spa center that has been officially rewarded for its amazing perks, along with six different restaurants where creativity is the keyword. If you are currently attending some schools for nurse practitioner specialists and you are afraid you will get easily bored here, the modern sports facilities here should convince you of the opposite.

The Mai Samui Beach Resort is yet another Thai pearl in terms of spectacular beach resorts. It counts close to 100 rooms and you could be opting for a decadent Mai Pool Villa or an exceptional deluxe room. Enjoy a wide range of top of the class treatments, facials and purification treatments include, and let the ancient Thai massage specialists feel like you have reached the seventh heaven.

The breathtaking Koyao Island Resort is located near Phuket and it has tons of secluded beaches all around, along with gorgeous islands where there are no inhabitants. The hotel has more than 20 luxurious villas and all of them have been specially designed in the traditional Thai style of architecture. Each of these villas features its private garden and has a view to the beach.

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