Bungalows in Koh Samet

Bungalows in Koh Samet

I’ve posted previously about Koh Samet in 3 Days in Koh Samet and here’s a guide to get you started prior to your 3 days. Obviously you’ll need a place to stay and you are going to find that there are many Koh Samet Bungalows to choose from if you want a cheap place to stay. The great thing is that most of these places, while possibly a bit Spartan for some peoples tastes, are clean, comfortable and best of all cheap!

One of my favorite places to stay when we visit Koh Samet is Jep Bungalow. I think last time we were there we paid 600 baht a night for a clean room with a comfortable bed, cable television, air conditioning and bathroom. This price also included a buffet breakfast each morning which wasn’t too bad as long as you got there early. One thing I really like about this Koh Samet bungalow is it’s location – right in the center of the beach. So, all the restaurants are close by in either direction as are all the bars for your nighttime enjoyment. Plus the beach outside the bungalow is very nice, the bungalow bar is close and the water directly off the beach is calm and fairly shallow. I highly recommend Jep bungalow if you are looking for a good, cheap Koh Samet bungalow.

I could go on here and try to throw some more Koh Samet bungalows at you, but honestly it isn’t necessary. There are none better than Jep at that price. If you are willing to spend some money then you have quite a few choices, including Sai Kaew Beach Resort starting at 4500 baht per night and the jewel of Koh Samet, Paradee Resort Spa Hotel starting around 10,000 baht a night. These aren’t really Koh Samet bungalows though and if you have that kind of money to spend on a hotel room you are probably better off going to Koh Samui or Phuket, although the Paradee Villas are quite stunning.

Koh Samet is an exceptional place to get out of the city for the weekend, being so close to Bangkok. When you combine the proximity of the island with the value you get from staying in a Koh Samet bungalow there’s no reason not to get away to the islands as frequently as possible.

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