Cultural Festivals of Thailand

Cultural Festivals of Thailand

Despite the grandeur, beauty, and hospitality that Thailand is known for, one of the best reasons why tourists continue to flock to this exotic country in Southeast Asia is because of its extensive array of cultural festivals. Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist nation and many of its cultural displays are influenced by this belief but Thailand has plenty of other things to offer to tourists and pilgrims of all shapes, sizes, and callings. From the working capital in Bangkok to the picturesque beach destinations in Phuket,Thailand has plenty to offer for those that are interested to know more about what Thailand’s culture can offer.

Here are some of the most renowned and celebrated cultural festivals in Thailand that you should plan to check out one of these days:

  • Flower Festival Chiang Mai. Thailand is home to an extensive variety of flowers which begin to bloom in February. These flowers have a special place in various religions, and as such commands a festival all to itself. The Flower Festival in Chiang Mai is one such celebration, and it is certainly a wonderful excuse to check out Thailand’s thriving handicraft culture and its well known array of beauty pageants which also happen in and around this 3-day festival. You can learn more about the Flower Festival in Chiang Mai by reading about it, or scheduling a visit to Chiang Mai during the 3rd week of February.
  • Songkran Festival. Thailand’s Buddhist culture celebrates the turn of the New Year in April and the Songkran Festival is a concerted, nationwide, effort to make this into a full cultural display of Thai beauty and religious belief. If you want to enjoy Thailandat a time when everyone else is on a merrymaking high, you can continue reading about the Songkran Festival, or better yet plan a trip during the 2nd week of April.
  • Phi Ta Khon Festival. This is one of the most important festivals in the Buddhist calendar. It has its origins in an old Buddhist tale celebrating the Buddha’s last reincarnation prior to enlightenment. It consists of a colorful array of parades, with men dressed as spirits to celebrate the various incarnations of the Buddha’s life. You can visit site at Loei where the it is celebrated by planning a trip toThailand in June.
  • Candle Festival. You’ve probably seen pictures of lanterns being flown at night; these pictures are of the candle festival celebrated in July. Of all the cultural festivals in Thailand, this one is certainly worth a pikalaina just so can enjoyThailand at its most solemn moment. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to enjoy one of the hallmarks of the Buddhist faith by joining the candle festival celebrations during this time of year.

Thailand is a great destination for its picturesque beaches but its colorful cultural festivals are certainly worth the trip too. If you are planning to schedule a trip to Thailand any day soon, make sure to do it during one of Thailand’s many festivals so you can fully appreciate the country for its beliefs and appeal. Truly, it is a sight you are bound to remember for the rest of your life.

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