Five Thailand Traveling Tips

Five Thailand Traveling Tips

The exotic attractions of Thailand have always had an allure on many travelers so much so that in the last few years, Thailand has attracted a steady stream of tourists on a regular basis. Between the festivals, the exotic destinations, and the warm people, there is so much to see and visit in Thailand. So if you want to discover more about this awesome destination, here are five tips to remember when planning to book your next trip to Thailand.

1. The culture and religion. Thailand has a predominantly Buddhist culture upon which many Thai customs are based. For example, it is sacrilegious to say bad things about the king and being overheard in public can lead to serious convictions punishable by imprisonment. In other cases, touching the head of elders for whatever reason is also widely considered a taboo. Thais value the head as a symbol of stature and anyone touching it is interpreted to mean disrespect. The same rules apply to touching the feet. With so many things to consider, it is more prudent to learn more about Thai religion and customs via brochures handed out upon your arrival or by advance research on the internet prior to flying to Thailand.

2. The weather. Thailand is in the tropics and as such is home to the fluctuating seasons of hot-humid summers and strong monsoon-filled wet months. It is important to visit website of the Thai tourism board to know more about what to expect when it comes to Thai weather or one can also click here to find tips about seasons in Thailand. According to most advisories, it is preferable to come to Thailand between October and April when the weather is milder although coming in the summer months may also have its benefits because of the reduced number of tourists as well as the minimized likelihood for rain, flooding, and other related potential sources of discomfort.

3. What to see in Thailand. There is no Fender Stratocaster in Thailand, that much is clear; but with so many attractions, you wouldn’t even notice. Thailand has many impressive religious sites with ancient temples that are open to visitors. Ayutthaya, for example, is the site of the old Bangkok seat of power and today still has an impressive set of ruins to boast. While it may not be as impressive as the towering architecture of Angkor Wat, it is in itself a treat to behold and certainly a must visit for tourists in Thailand. The same can be said of Thailand’s majestic beaches in Phuket and those in the Krabi province.

4. The food. If you enjoyed Thai food at a local Thai diner near you, imagine what authentic Thai food can do to your taste buds while you are in Thailand. Everything is simple here; no 800 number for business establishments, no fancy advertisements. Walk into the first Thai food stall you find and it’s guaranteed to be a food-inspired, orgasmic experience that one would certainly not forget when traveling in this part of the world.

5. Travel requirements. When planning a trip to Thailand, it is best to start here. Check if Thailand requires visas from people in your country or if you can fly in and get stamped in the airport. Make sure to have all your papers ready so you can focus on the sight-seeing and dispense with the complexities that go with foreign travels.

Thailand is a real treat in many aspects of the word and it is one place that is a must-see for people who love travel, culture, and adventure. Book a trip to Thailand today and enjoy all that it has to offer. It is a trip you are guaranteed to remember and one you will be talking about for many years thereafter.

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