Why do Foreign Men Like Thai Women?

Why do Foreign Men Like Thai Women?

This is the question I would like to ask Western men this week, ‘What do you really think of Thai women’? and just to be fair I will tell you 2 things that Thai women like about Western men.

But first maybe I should be clear though and ask please don’t just talk about physical side. I am aware that there are many pretty Thai girls and so that is an obvious attraction, don’t get me wrong you can of course make comments about this also because of course it will be part of it. But what else do you really think about Thai women, what about personality, attitude etc…and also please feel free to be very honest as without honesty from both sides it is impossible for intercultural relationships to improve through better understanding.

I always believe that learning is the key to any relationship and that when two people are in a intimate relationship it is important for them to allow and support each other to learn and grow. Very often we seem to go into relationships with too much expectation and then when that person does not always meet our expectation, because nobody is perfect we feel disappointed. But really that person may very well have the ability to meet that expectation but may just need time learn and adjust something in themselves, which leads to positive improvement. This should be the case no matter what age we are, whether we are in our 20’s and just starting out or in our 40’s or 50’s and have lots of life experience. In fact it can be even more important in older age groups because there is a tendency to feel we know everything, have seen everything and therefore have no need to change or improve ourselves. So in Relationships between different cultures it clearly really important to be open to learning and improvement.

Ok, so I promised at the start of this post I would tell you a few things that Thai women like about Western men, so here you go.

1: Western men are more willing to help a woman

What I mean with this is that we have noticed how western men seem to be quite comfortable and happy to help their women in domestic duties. I see western men helping their woman after they have a dinner party for example, clearing tables and cleaning dishes etc. I see western men even though they work all day helping their woman around the house with some cleaning and things like that. I think this is a lovely quality and it show that they work as a team and that a western man does not think it beneath him to help with this. What is really nice with this is that they do these things because they feel it is only right to share duties.

Something else positive I have witnessed here is how this also affects their children and they also do the share of work around the house, it so lovely when you see a whole family working like a team together like that. This also seems to prepare children very well for their own future independence.

2: Western men are more monogamous

I’m sure you will all laugh a little at this one because I know many people talk about how western men like to come to Thailand for one reason only, but what I see is that mostly these men are single anyway, yes of course I know there are exceptions and I also know just like any culture there are those who are not faithful but mainly what I see and hear is that western men value this and if they are in a loving relationship they will stay faithful to their wife. They don’t just see having other women as their right and their business only and something their wife should not ask them about or even know about, even though they do.

So that is 2 things that I know Thai women see in Western men, whether you think they are right or wrong and agree or disagree this is the perception that many Thai women who are interested in Farang have. I also know that Western men seem more open to talking about their relationships with their women and this is another positive thing that interests quality Thai women.

Basically what Thai women really want is care from their man, yes they also want to feel equal and not be treated as a slave but Thai women will work very hard if they feel they get enough love and care from their husbands, they are not afraid of hard work whether they are educated and work in offices or not. They will still take their family responsibilities seriously and look after children and make sure their husband is happy. So what I see is that Thai women see western men as being more open to this type of relationship.

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