Udon Thailand is a province in the country of Thailand located in the north-eastern portion of the vast Thai flood plain close to the Mekong River. It has a total area of 4500 square miles and ranks as the 11th largest province in Thailand. It is also home to 1.5 million Thai and is the 8th most populated province in the country although overall it only ranks as the 32nd densest province in the country. The capital of the province is the city of Udon Thani and is reachable by a variety of public transportation options include a rail line that passes through Saraburi and the border of Laos before heading east to Udon Thani. There are also air and bus options that tourists can take to get to the province with the local airport playing to host to more than 20 flights per day depending on the time of the year.

The primary income-earning activity in he region is tourism. Udon Thailand is home to a long list of tourist attractions from temples to natural scenery. Because of its location, you won’t be needing your wetsuits for this travel but you can be confident that everything else here is “Wow Gold!” To better understand what Udon Thailand can offer, here is a listing of tourist attractions to get your head into travel insurance and travel planning mode.

Religious Sites. Thailand is a melting pot of various religions but it predominantly considers Buddhism as one of the more dominant schools of belief. As such, there is a never-ending stretch of religious sites that one can visit when in Udon Thailand. In addition, there are also Chinese spirit shrines as a tribute to the Chinese influences that the country has embraced since the 18th century.
Examples: Wat Phothisomphon, Wat Mathimawat featuring a Buddha made from white stone, Chaoya Chinese Spirit Shrine, Wat Pa Ban Kho, Kam Chanot.

Political and Cultural Tributes. The political and cultural identity of Udon Thani is well-celebrated with various museums and historical parks containing relics from the yesteryears of the province. Visitors are treated to an intellectual tour of one of Thailand’s more remote provinces which helps paint a much clearer picture of the dynamics between urban and rural Thailand settings.
Examples: Udon Thani Museum, Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, Ban Chiang National Museum.

Local Festivals. The local festivals in Udon Thani are meant to celebrate local lifestyle in order to promote it and honour it at the same time.
Examples: Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok Worship Festival, Thung Si Mueang Udon Thani Cloth Fair.

National Parks and Other Natural Attractions. If you are looking for treks in the wilderness, elephant rides and elephant baths and even eco-tourism friendly resorts that are neatly tucked in the jungle, then this is the place to go. These are no Jamestown NY Homes but rather bamboo-made, quaint huts with a real organic feel. If Villas in Spain where the luxury accommodations in that part of the world, then these huts are what makes Thailand tourism truly special. There are a variety of forest parks and attractions that highlight the beauty and draw of Thai natural outdoors. You might need your Mexican blankets for this one because it can be a real outdoor treat.
Examples: Huai Luang Reservoir, Udorn Sunshine Orchid Farm, Nam Som National Park, Namtok Than Ngam Forest Park, Phu Foi Lom, Wang Sam Mo Forest Park.

Udon Thailand also produces a variety of local products that might interest many tourists for their collection or even for use at home. Hand-crafted products include a variety of cloth types such as knitted or silk varieties, special Thailand pottery, and various food products like Maphrao Kaeo or coconut sweet, Kun Chiang which is a variety of Chinese sausage, Mu Yo or steamed pork bar, Naem or sour pork, and Mu Yong or pork floss.

Before heading to your exotic Udon Thailand getaway, make sure to do proper research so you are well taken-cared of when you get there. A number of the best web hosting companies have links to many Thailand travel agencies and you can easily gain access to a virtual office full of recommendations for the best travel arrangements, resorts, tour activities, restaurants and suitable locations from where you can buy your souvenirs.

Perhaps its time to let go for a while and just relax and recharge after a tough year at work; forget the car insurance worries and put-off those San Diego flooring renovations plans and treat yourself to an exotic getaway in a country with so much cultural and natural attractions to offer. Year after year, Thailand shows a dramatic increase in the number of foreign visitors including 15 million in 2010 alone. It has also received numerous recognitions from many travel organizations. For example, Lonely Planet ranked it as the second “Best-Value Destinations for 2010” and the country has well-established tourist infrastructures across the country so tourists feel at home wherever they may be.

Pack those travel bags and get ready for a Thai escapade you will never forget. And in your visit, swing by Udon Thailand for a refreshing and reinvigorating communion with nature and the environment. It will be a vacation that you will never forget.