Key Monuments in Thailand

Key Monuments in Thailand

Thailand is a fascinating country located in the centre of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is a place where one can keep exploring the cities, the small villages, the amazing natural scenery and the world-famous historical monuments without showing signs of boredom too soon. Speaking of Thai monuments, the country possesses quite a few of those. Here are some of the most notable.

The Democracy Monument is part of Bankok’s heritage and it is a public monument located in the centre of the country’s capital. Interested tourists can watch it in all of its glory on the east-west Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, at an easy-accessible intersection of Dinso Road. It was commissioned in 1939 to commemorate the Siamese Revolution which resulted in the formation of the constitutional monarchy – the Kingdom of Siam. Military ruler Phibun envisioned the Democracy Monument as the centre of new Bankok. Visitors can get service reception in this particular area hassle-free, as the monument is located in the middle of an important traffic circle in the city. Also, filming or photographing the monument that was designed by Mew Aphaiwong should not be an issue.

Another spectacular monument that the Thai people is extremely proud of it the Great Buddha of Thailand, also referred to as The Big Buddha or Maha Nawamin. This is the tallest statue in the country and it also ranks ninth in a top ten of the tallest monuments in the world. It is located in the Wat Muang Monetary in Ang Thong province. It counts a height of 300 feet and a width of 210 feet. Its construction lasted for 18 years and was completed in 2008. The statue is covered in gold and it is made of simple cement. Pulling out a south beach smoke electronic cigarette from one’s pocket and smoking it around the statue might not be exactly regarded as a positive approach to visiting this monument. On the other hand, ordering some flowers victoria bc located and placing them at the feet of the statue might sound more natural.

The Victory Monument is an impressively large military monument located in Bankok. It is placed in the northeastern part of central Bangkok, again at the center of a traffic circle at the intersection of three important roads. Its western design features an obelisk in the centre and its shape suggests a sword and also an important element that can hold in a territory. The monument is designed in the shape of 5 bayonets that are clasped together, representing the navy, the army, the air force, the police and the civilian bureaucracy. The 5 bayonets were designed by Corrado Feroci, an Italian Sculptor who was not particularly pleased with the combo between his own work and the obelisk in the center, hence referring to the Victory Monument as “the victory of embarrassment.”

Wongwian Yai is yet another roundabout monument located in Thon Buri, where the Statue of King Taksin is to be found. There are certainly a lot of affitti apartments here tourists can rent and get to admire the entire historical area, as well as the Wongwian Yai monument itself.

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