Koh Tao Accommodations

Koh Tao Accommodations

Planning on a trip to Koh Tao during your travels through Thailand and Southeast Asia? Have you considered where you are going to stay when you’re there? Maybe not, but that’s ok because you can probably just show up anyway and find a place to stay, unless it’s a Thai holiday weekend of course in which case you had better book ahead. Even so, how do you know you will be able to find a suitable Koh Tao accommodation without booking in advance?

While it may not be true for everyone, for a lot of us the place we stay can have a major impact on how much we enjoy a vacation. It’s not even that you always need to stay in a luxury place either, a good part of the enjoyment factor comes simply from our expectation of the place. Golf and I have stayed in places ranging from one room affairs with a simple fan for cooling to luxury places that have restaurants, spas, pools and all the trimmings. Now I would be a liar if I said I enjoyed the fan rooms more, but I can say that the fact we were staying in an inexpensive place didn’t have an impact on my vacation enjoyment, simply because I knew where I would be staying before I went. I had a certain expectation and the place met that expectation perfectly…cheap and hot :>)

So, before you head off to Thailand I recommend that you at least get an idea of what kind of Koh Tao accommodation you will be staying in and better yet go ahead and book it so you are exactly sure. At least that one piece of your vacation puzzle will be taken care of and you can focus on other things. There’s nothing that can ruin your vacation more than a bucket full of worries. Get everything planned and you can get rid of those worries too.

So here are my picks for Koh Tao accommodations at various price levels.

Budget Koh Tao Accommodation:
Diamond Beach Bungalows in Ao Tanote are the perfect place to get away from the stress and crowds of the big city. Tanote is one of the quieter beaches on Koh Tao and the Diamond Beach Bungalows nestle nicely on the hillside. Starting at just 500 baht per night these bungalows are clean, quiet and peaceful and best of all they won’t break the bank. While the rooms are not air conditioned, they are still fairly cool thanks to the way they catch the breezes of Koh Tao. They are also large and open providing plenty of light and air.

Moderate Koh Tao Accommodation:
Koh Tao Star Villas get my vote in the moderate price range. Prices for the apartment start at 3000 baht and you can get discounts for booking early (10% for 3 months in advance and 20% for 6 months in advance) and for staying more than 7 nights (5%). By all accounts you will want to book early anyway because the Star Villas fill up quickly. It seems they have a very passionate set of returning visitors, so if you want to stay here book early and get the discount. The villas are privately owned by a couple named Alan and Heidi and they take care of you as if you were staying in their homes. How can it possibly get better than that? Take note that the villa is set on a hill overlooking Sairee so if walking up the hill could be a problem you may need to pass on Koh Tao Star Villas or better yet just rent a motorcycle or ATV. And if you were worrying about how to get to the Villas I just received this from Alan; we do provide a free taxi service to and from Sairee and we can normally run this at times to suit our guests.

Luxury Koh Tao Accommodations:
Jamahkiri Spa Resort is located in the southern part of Koh Tao in Chalok Baan Khao. This 5 star resort set in idyllic Koh Tao will take your breath away with the views, the food and the accommodations. Well worth the price (which starts at 5900 baht low season deluxe room and goes all the way to 25k baht high season for the palatial Royal Suite), you will be pampered and taken care of like royalty. There is no better place on the island currently at any price, so if money is no object then by all means treat yourself to a stay at the Jamahkiri Spa Resort.

Hopefully this rundown of a few Koh Tao accommodations will give you some idea where to stay or at least get you started in your quest for the perfect hotel, bungalow or villa on Turtle Island – Koh Tao!

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