What Do People Think of Farang and Thai Relationships?

What Do People Think of Farang and Thai Relationships?

Last week I talked about a couple I have been working with and I am excited as next week they will meet for the first time. As I have kind of played Intercultual cupid I am fascinated to see what happens. In fact I shall be making a short video series of this case which I will let everyone know about as I feel it will be a great story to follow.

Recently I have got many comments and emails about relationships between Thais and Western people and also other types of Intercultural relationships. I must admit I just love this subject for many reasons. Of course for me it is the subject of love that is the centre of every relationship whether it is between same cultures or different, but what inspires me so much is how love does cross all boundaries, all creeds, colors and languages.

It never fails to move me when I see or hear about how love can grow between people from completely different lands and have not even met in person yet. Personally and this is from my own experience as well as studying other people I do believe it is important to meet in person as soon as possible as this really does help to confirm that attraction and that love really is there and not just the romantic dream of a love far away.

It is true though that love really can travel any distance and cross any boundary including cultural boundaries. Yes there is much to learn about each other as you progress in an intercultural relationship and probably one of the biggest issues can often be other people, family friends etc, but again it is how you deal and manage these issues that will guide you to your positive outcome. I always believe that if you keep love as your focus, keep love as your compass then you can navigate any difficult waters even though sometimes we need to be brave.

I must admit though one of the reasons I love Australia is because of its attitude towards different cultures, even though I wrote about a small incident recently I have seen that even though it is a young country it is very International in its view and the people of Australia have such an open view of every culture that lives there. In fact they seem to embrace the differences and it is a wonderful attitude to be associated with and I am very grateful to be able to spend time there.

So what else do I notice that is important in these relationships. Well perhaps the need for understanding and patience might be the biggest requirement especially if there is language differences. Misunderstandings can happen so easily and innocently when there is a language difference but often we only realize it after we have walked the path of confusion and some emotional upset, so the ability to forgive and forget is essential also. Yes of course these are all things that are needed in any relationship but in Intercultural ones they are greater needs.

One thing that also interests me is the attitude and opinion of Western people to these relationships especially those between Thai women and Farang men. What do the men and women of America, England, Australia and Canada think about these relationships? I know that sadly Thai girls get a bad name sometimes but as many of you know that is a minority. But I am curious to always hear about views from other western people on this subject so please feel free to leave comments about this as I would love to hear them, even if they are negative I would like to know anyway.

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