Planning a trip to Thailand is so exciting; there are so many sights to see and famous areas including the bustling city of Bangkok or the magnificent beaches of Phuket.

If you can try and plan your visit while there are some holidays or festivals happening, luckily Thailand is affordable so finding a hotel is like searching for South Africa accommodation, it’s cheap and fantastic.

The holidays and festivals around Thailand often occur according to the lunar calendar, so they won’t always fall around the same time every year, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what is happening before planning your trip.

January is when the beautiful Bo Sang and San Kamphaeng Umbrella and Handcraft fair takes place in Chiang Mai. This is a dazzling and colorful fair which shouldn’t be missed. See original umbrellas made from paper in a delightful range of colors.
The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is in February. This is like a Mozilla Firefox free download, it’s free and fantastic. There are floral floats to exhibitions with more than thirty countries taking part and eighty local exhibitors. It’s definitely worth the visit if you’re in Thailand at the time.
The Pattaya Music Festival is during March and is definitely a must see event. This is the biggest music festival held at the famous Pattaya Beach Resort. It welcomes bands and musicians from around the world in a medley of music and entertainment. It’s great fun just like cheat with words with friends, its hours of entertainment and festivities.
The Chinese New Year is one of the biggest festivals held worldwide and that is no different in Chinatown in Bangkok. Held on 23 January this festival is a bustling delight of red. Like accelerated bsn programs, the Chinese New Year is busy, fast and exciting.
Loi Krainong Festival is a traditional Thai festival where the people ask for blessings and forgiveness from the Goddess of the River. They float banana stems decorated in flowers with candles down the river. It’s a beautiful sight to see as you watch one of the most traditional festivals held in Thailand. You don’t need masters of accounting or a computer science degree to appreciate the beauty of this special festival.
Khao Phansa is held in August and is the start of the Buddhist Lent. This is a traditional religious holiday that is held according to the lunar calendar.
Chinese Ghost Festival is August is a month long festival where they believe that the realm between heaven, earth and hell is opened allowing spirits to road in search of food. Food offerings are held at homes around Thailand during the month festival.

The fantastic thing about visiting Thailand during their festivals and holidays is you don’t need a merchant cash advance to do it. Thailand is affordable when compared to many other holidays you may experience. MS finance and mortgage life insurance isn’t needed because it’s safe and enjoyable.

The festivals are beautiful and meaningful and are something to experience; the colorful displays and fun atmospheres are the best experiences in the world. You can find the latest festivals by searching online, much like you would search for online nurse practitioner programs.