Thai Phrases That You Need to Know

Thai Phrases That You Need to Know

When you meet a girl and you like her or think shes pretty you want to be able to tell her right? It can be hard enough for some of us when the girl speaks the same language as us, but what can you do if you’ve just met the Thai girl of your dreams and don’t know how to tell her how you feel?

Here are a few phrases of love that will go a long way in letting your girl know how you feel and finding out how she feels. Dont let the spoken language barrier block the language of the heart.

Updated with Thai script as requested so you can now surprise your girlfriend by sending her some words of love in writing.

koon suay mak (คุณสวยมาก) You are very beautiful
koon na-ruk mak (คุณน่ารักมาก) You are very cute
koon tam hai pom mee kwarm sook (คุณทำให้ผมมีความสุข) You make me happy
pom kit teung koon (ผมคิดถึงคุณ) I miss you
pom sot (ผมยังโสด) I am single
koon chorp pom reu blao (คุณชอบผมหรือเปล่า) Do you like me? (For yes the reply is chorp and for no the reply is mai chorp)
koon mee faen reu yung (คุณมีแฟนหรือยัง) Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? (For yes the reply is mee and for no the reply is mai mee)
ben faen pom dai mai (เป็นแฟนผมได้ไหม) Can you be my girlfriend? (For yes the reply is dai and for no the reply is mai dai)
pom kit wa pom long ruk koon (ผมคิดว่าผมหลงรักคุณ) I think I have fallen in love with you
hua jai kong pom ben kong koon (หัวใจของผมเป็นของคุณ) My heart is yours
chan rak khoon (ฉันรักคุณ) I love you
chan rak khoon maak leeuy (ฉันรักคุณมากเลย) I love you so much
joop dai mai (จูบได้ไหม) Can I kiss you?
tee rak (ที่รัก) sweetheart or darling
koon keu yot ruk kong pom (คุณคือยอดรักของผม) You are my sweetheart

That’s all for right now, Ill post more Thai dating and love phrases later so you can speak of matters of the heart better with your Thai girlfriend. Let me know if there’s anything specific you would like to know.

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