Tips for Finding Childcare in Phuket

Tips for Finding Childcare in Phuket

Phuket child care can be great as Thai’s have a natural affinity with children. One of the main benefits enjoyed by parents living in Thailand is the inexpensive ability to employ a nanny to help out. Finding a nanny is not always an easy task and you may find they move on after a short time in the position. There is also the choice between Filipino and Thai nannies. Here are a few pointers to help ensure you find the child care right for you and that they stay with you for the full duration:

Most nannies will have no ‘formal’ training. However you may find someone who has worked as a nanny before or has some child care experience working in one of the local hotels
The best way to find a nanny is through word of mouth. Ask around and see if anyone knows of anyone – a friend’s nanny may have a friend who is suitable
When you employ a nanny it is normal for you to take a copy of their ID card. This offers some basic protection for you when bringing the nanny into your home
Do be very clear with what you expect that nanny to do / not do. If you need her to cook and clean as well then make sure she knows – do not expect her to understand this in English. At the very least have a Thai friend translate for you
Don’t expect a Thai nanny to be familiar with western gadgets – show her how to use the sterilising equipment etc
Expect to pay between THB 6,000 and THB 13,000 depending on if they live in or not. A Filipino nanny may take a lower salary but will need you to pay for their visa and work permit
Thai’s don’t usually have a set bedtime for youngsters and quite often you will see children as old as five drinking bottles of milk. Again don’t take anything for granted and enlist a Thai friend to help explain what’s important to you in raising your child. Spell out any ‘don’ts’ very clearly in Thai. If you are unhappy with your child going on the back of a motorbike then say so
If your nanny is Thai than ask them to help your child experience some Thai delights. They will gladly bring local fruits and snacks and happily teach your child some Thai customs

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Outside the Home

Phuket is home to an ever increasing list of nurseries and kindergartens. Find out more about what’s available on our Educate page. If a Mums & Toddlers group is more your style then post a note on the Market Place wanted board to recruit like minded mums with children of a similar age and start your own. There are many different venues island wide where you could meet, eat and play together.

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